Farm to Fork

Through a national sustainability program called Greener Fields Together (GFT), we are able to partner with local and regional farms to ensure our customers get fresh, local produce as the seasons and market conditions allow. We also partner with restaurants, schools and businesses who promote sustainability and are committed to supporting local farmers and growers. Here are a few of our valued partners.

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Eubanks Farms

Eubanks Farms, in SE Mississippi, is one of the many family-owned farms supplying Sunrise Fresh Produce with quality fruits and vegetables. Eubanks is a GFT partner committed to sustainability and safe growing practices.


Sunkist is a national grower and supplier within the GFT program. Sunkist is widely recognized as a leader sustainability efforts and in maximizing usage of all citrus fruit by-products.

Old South Berries

Old South Blueberries is one of Sunrise Fresh Produce’s newest sources for delicious, regional blueberries. Located in Southern Alabama, this GFT farm supplies restaurants and chefs all across the Deep South with high quality blueberries.

Taylor Farms

Taylor Farms has been implementing innovative energy saving initiatives for many years. This national GFT partner operates farms in both California and Arizona and supplies fresh produce across the country.

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