Jackson, Mississippi

Sunrise Fresh Produce in Jackson, Mississippi is conveniently located to easily service customers all across Mississippi. Our customers stretch from the Mississippi Gulf Coast through Oxford and Tupelo in the north. In addition to most of Mississippi, our service area also extends west into Monroe, Louisiana and down to Natchez. Sunrise proudly sources many fresh products from local farmers and partners with restaurants who share our concern for local sustainability.

Gulf Coast

The Sunrise Fresh Produce location servicing the Gulf Coast region is situated just off I-10, in Robertsdale, AL. Our distribution center covers a territory from near Montgomery, Alabama down to the Gulf Coast, and includes the panhandle of Florida through Sandestin. The Gulf Coast is home to some of the Deep South’s best restaurants and resorts whose chefs demand fresh, high quality produce. We also are very active in partnering with, and promoting regional farms.

Jacksonville, Florida

Sunrise Fresh Produce in Jacksonville, Florida serves the Atlantic Coast region from Palm Coast all the way up through Savannah, Georgia and into Hilton Head, South Carolina. Jacksonville also delivers to customers westward into the Lake City, Gainesville and Ocala markets. The extraordinary chefs and business owners we serve throughout this coastal region choose Sunrise because of our quality and customer service. Local growers also know Sunrise supports local family farms season after season.

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Our Story

Many things set Sunrise Fresh Produce apart from other distributors, but one of the most important differences is our total commitment to food safety and traceability. Each Sunrise location is GFS certified. Our teams work very closely with national and local growers, making sure the products they send us - and how we handle those products within our warehouse - exceed governmental food safety regulatory standards. Our staff is trained in safe handling, storing and shipping procedures so that the produce you receive from Sunrise is safe and fresh!


Jackson Warehouse Expansion Completed


Sunrise Fresh Produce just finished a huge warehouse expansion project. The expansion of the Jackson, Mississippi facility was completed in November and has increased cooler space by 33,000 square feet! In just four short months, the Mississippi expansion has effectively doubled Sunrise Fresh Produce’s usable warehouse space.
Each cooler was designed and built to improve workflow efficiency and to create designated product-specific temperature zones to maintain peak product freshness. The coolers are also inter-connected by large doorways which makes moving from cooler to cooler easy for both pallet jacks and fork lifts. These inter-connected coolers not only help streamline the order selecting process, but are designed to be as energy efficient as possible.
"This expansion is the best thing that could happen to our Sunrise customers," said Regional Manager, Chris Fuss. "By growing to 66,000 square feet of cooler space, we are able to bring in larger loads, which will save on transportation costs. With this new capacity we will be able to bring on new, high-volume customers in Mississippi and Louisiana."
In addition to doubling the cooler space, adding new roller racks and more shelving, Sunrise was also able to create a dedicated break-down and packing room. These improvements give Sunrise the capacity for approximately 1200 slots and enable Sunrise to carry new and more diverse fresh products.

A Visit to Salad Days farms


Customer Service representatives from Sunrise Fresh Produce in Jackson recently made a trip to Salad Days Produce. Salad Day's is a hydroponic farm in Flora, MS known for their specialty lettuces and tomatoes. The produce grown at Salad Days is a staple on many Mississippi restaurant menu's. The beautiful greenhouses allow produce to be grown in ideal conditions year-round.
Owners Leigh Bailey and Jamie Redmond are dedicated to growing quality produce for local chefs. "We provide our customers a year-round, local supply of premium quality, pesticide-free produce grown under the highest standards of food safety and environmental sustainability," explains Bailey.
Sunrise Fresh Produce is proud to be the chosen distributor of these fine lettuces and specialty tomatoes across the state. It's one more way Sunrise is partnering with area farmers and helping to create local sustainability.

Sunrise Fresh Produce Sends Less Organic Waste to the Landfill


By Amanda Johnson, Green Business Bureau
When it comes to waste, the farming industry is no stranger to production that results in materials that have to be disposed of in some way. The good news for this industry is that much of the waste created in producing various crops can be effectively recycled or can serve a secondary purpose when handled correctly. Sunrise Fresh Produce, a GBB member and part of the PRO*ACT family, is working on just that, by launching various efforts to keep organic waste out of landfills.
Sunrise Fresh Produce is a fresh food and produce distributor with three regional warehouses that services all of Mississippi, eastern Louisiana, Southern Alabama, the panhandle and northeast Florida, and the South Carolina coast. The company is committed to food safety, customer service and sourcing local produce whenever possible, which is why each Sunrise location is GFS certified. All Sunrise staff is also trained in safe handling, storing and shipping practices, and procedures so that the produce they deliver is not only fresh, but safe, too.
Sunrise Fresh Produce, located in Jackson, Mississippi, is currently focusing on recycling organic materials to local farms, supporting local farms and farmers, and being part of the PRO*ACT’s Greener Fields Together initiative. The company is also partnering with Organix to separate organic waste, which is distributed to local farms for fertilizer and feed. This has also allowed Sunrise Fresh Produce to decrease the amount of waste sent to the landfill.
“Sunrise is really proud of our efforts to keep tons of organic waste out of local landfills, while providing a valuable resource to local farmers,” said Chris Fuss, Regional Manager, Sunrise Fresh Produce. “We have reduced the number of trash pick-ups, which saves us money and is a positive contribution to our community.”

MS Farm Recieves Grant


Sunrise Fresh Produce Regional Manager, Chris Fuss was honored to present a $20,000 Cultivating Change Grant check to Choctaw Fresh Produce on Monday, March 5, 2018. This year of the more than 100 applicants, Choctaw Farms in Philadelphia, MS was awarded first place and the $20,000 grant.
Pictured receiving the check is Jason Grisham, Economic Development Specialist. "The quality of the soil on our land is not the best", explained Grisham. "This grant will help us bring in better soil and create raised growing beds so we can increase the quality of our yield".
Choctaw Farms has 19 high tunnels and greenhouses spread across their community. The produce they grow is sold to kitchens and chefs that cook for the schools, hospitals, casinos and other community outlets located on the Reservation - as well as to chefs across Mississippi who are committed to buying and serving local.
The annual Cultivating Change grant program, through Greener Fields Together and the PRO*ACT network of purveyors and distributors, allows local farmers to apply for grants to help their farms be more successful and sustainable. For more information and a list of this year's winners, please visit: www.greenerfieldstogether.com